Hi, I'm Mike.

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I'm a creative software developer (primarily front-end, but have some fullstack experience), and this is my professional blog & portfolio. I love user experience and design that helps realize human potential. I follow a first-principles approach in my life and my work. Here are a few of my design principles:

  1. Never deny the user basic options.

    Users should be provided the means to customize the user interface as much as possible.

  2. Minimize barriers to action.

    The app (or website) is for something. Make it as intuitive and efficient as possible to do that thing.

  3. Leverage visual intelligence.

    Augment words and iconography with color and structure - draw the eye to key points and relationships. Effectively use negative space, proximity, layout and structure, diagrams and images to communicate beyond words.

“If a system is to serve the creative spirit, it must be entirely comprehensible to a single individual.”
Daniel H. H. Ingalls

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